♡ Cancellations or no showing our appointment will result in you having to prepay future sessions by e-transfer. 


♡ Please have the donation ready at the start of our time together before you shower. Unfortunately no double discounts if I have multiple promos at once, one discount is available per session. 

Sexual Health

♡ If you show up with something that resembles an sti on your body I reserve the right to terminate our visit without refund or to modify services to safe, non fluid exchange, or ask for a doctors note.

Your sexual safety and mine are my priority.

Drug & Alcohol Use

♡ No drugs or heavy intoxication will be allowed prior to or during our visit. Sharing a glass of wine or beer is cool, people who smell like distilleries or have flaccid coke penis shall be evicted from the warm happy place that is my vagina.


♡ Please be discreet when coming and going from my incall or hotel, it's appreciated that you don't knock or talk as you enter l will quietly open the door for you. I also ask that you don't loiter in front of or in the lobby of my incall, thank you.


♡ If you force a restriction during our time together it will mean immediate termination of our visit with no refund. Don't be that guy, that guy sucks.


♡  It's real important, ya know the usual stuff: The balls, buttcrack, foreskin if you got any, all pulled back and washed with soap. Be sure to rinse all that glorious soap off and dry well so I don't get anything but fresh man bits in my mouth. Deodorant is yours and my friend, I do provide some aerosol unscented in the bathroom if you need a touch more.  

Oral Hygiene

♡ Please swish the mouthwash for at least 30 seconds while using the shower at the start of our appointment. It would be easiest to start by pouring some wash wash and swishing while you shower. Bad breath bacteria often resides on the tongue, a gentle tongue bushing can be great for that.

Foot Phobia

♡ It's strange, I know...but I am very charming and I like to think this is just an odd but endearing quality. Please don't touch me with your feet especially, if you have foot fungus please don't visit with me and seek medical treatment.


♡ If you try to negotiate my rates I might respond to you with meme's or silence depending on my mood. If you get either be assured you've made it to my blacklist, thank you for not bartering.


♡ I'm sensitive to heavy scents so please wear little or no cologne for our visit. Should you choose to take a bath in your cologne I might end up looking like a drunk drag queen from sneezing and watery eyes... I mean, unless that's your thing then I got ya covered!

Pet Names

♡ Pet names I'm okay with: Sasha, God or Pumpkin. 

Pet names I shan't respond to: Babe, sweetheart, bb, sexy, what's you name again I messaged too many girls?