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Sasha Stone

The Naked Truth

About Sasha Stone

I bring a warm balance to connection, weaving both physical and mental stimulation into a memorable experience. You will always have my full attention while we’re together. I’m a naturally curious person who enjoys taking things apart to see how they work, whether that’s philosophically or physically I feel most at home finding the how and why.

I enjoy reading in my spare time, mainly sci-fi, fantasy, or mystery thrillers, though I also embrace a good book recommendation. I appreciate discussing social movements, global events, politics, and self-improvement as a few. I find people intriguing; I always enjoy exploring what drives social behavior and structure.

I’ve also been honing my website-building skills, progressively becoming more comfortable with front-end languages while researching internet resources such as GitHub and Stack Overflow. I am interested in a wide range of technology-related topics and love hearing stories from people working in several related industries.

When I’m not doing introverted hobbies I can be found disassembling something to see how it works. I’ve worked on a variety of projects, including repairing my phone screens, building a patio bench, working on my car, and recently learning to sew. Friends jokingly remark on my famous last words: ‘That looks easy’, which leads to some entertaining stories about everything that went wrong, and right.

If you’re looking for a full-body experience, you’re in the right place. Whether it’s our first meeting or one of many, we’ll make the most of our time together.

Services are listed on her website and she delivers on everything with such enthusiasm…’s easy to see why she is consistently rated excellent. I have been in this game for a minute but this lady is absolutely world class.
Keysersoze | Original Review
I was given a heads up about Sasha’s oral skills and they were spot on. To steal a phrase from American Pie, she had some sort of tornado tongue twister thing going on. It was a wild sensation, I fought to hold on…
Orion | Original Review
The whole experience was outstanding! Everything exceeded my expectations. She’s cute as a button, funny, confident and has a smoking hot body. Her skills are exemplary and understandably well regarded.
Rob Ford Regina | Original Review



Those who’ve spent enough time with me already know about my love for reading. One of my favorite gifts is often in written form. I am most drawn to genres like sci-fi, mystery, mystery thrillers, fantasy, self-improvement, some historical fiction, and occasionally an intriguing biography. Gift cards or physical books are always welcome and met with total enthusiasm. Similarly, Amazon gift cards are incredibly useful and greatly appreciated.

I’m also often engaged in various handy projects, so Home Depot or Canadian Tire gift cards can be especially useful to me. Alongside my handy projects are my ever-growing tech-related ones. I live comfortably in the Apple ecosystem and always love applying a gift card to both physical tools and digital ones.

In the vein of food and drinks, I love a Costco gift card as it’s a one-stop shop for so many great things. Although I am lactose intolerant, it doesn’t always stop me from enjoying some of my favorite sweet items like Reese’s chocolates or milk chocolate with fruit and nuts. I’m also really partial to a nice IPA. Some brands I often gravitate towards are Inductive IPA, Red Racer, Trash Panda, and Fat Tug. I also love treating myself to a coffee at Starbucks, sometimes with a new mug, while thinking of you all fondly.

Gifts cards can be shared to my business email Business.AcceptedPayments @Gmail.Com

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