contacting sasha stone


Please provide these details in your first text when contacting me

  • Name
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • A few hobbies
  • If you have allergies
  • Any strong preferences or boundaries (example: love stockings, please don't touch my hair)
  • If you need latex free
  • Time of day, day of booking and length of session you'd like
  • Briefly paraphrase some of my restrictions and etiquette 

 Think of your first text almost like you're filling out a dating profile and a first message to a woman you're interested in. Be kind, be polite and be respectful please, I'm a very nice person and just want to be treated like a human


Best ways to communicate

  • I feel the most comfortable when new clients briefly paraphrase some of my restrictions and etiquette back to me during their booking request. It shows me that you've taken time to read my website and will respect my boundaries. 

  • Please use full sentence instead of abbreviating words like you to u, it shows you're putting more effort into meeting then you would buying a pair of shoes. This is a very intimate service so the more comfortable I feel during our booking communication the more enthusiasm I'll have when I open the door for you. 

  • Please include in your text whether I can respond any time, if you don't and I get it too late I won't respond in case I catch you at a bad time. If you don't include it I'll wait for you to text again when you're able to chat. 


“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

~ Dr. Seuss